Citing is giving credit to other researchers, resources or collaborators and acknowledging their ideas and contribution.

To cite the ALA as a whole, use the form:

‘Atlas of Living Australia website at Accessed 29 October 2015.’

To cite a page from the ALA, use the form:

‘Atlas of Living Australia website at name. Accessed 3 November 2015.’

To cite data downloads

Occurrence records downloads contain a README file with instructions on how to cite the ALA and the data sets contained in the download. These downloads are now provided with an associated Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which can be found in both the email for the download as well as the README file mentioned above. 

We encourage authors to link this download DOI to any subsequent publications (referencing the download data) via the DOI linking service provided by the publisher.

To cite other data downloaded from the ALA such as checklists or field guides to name a couple, use the form:

‘Atlas of Living Australia occurrence download at Accessed 3 November 2015.’
Please also cite the list of original data resources/datasets, which can be found in the download ZIP file, in ‘citation.csv’.

Note: As with most websites, pages on the ALA website may change over time.

To acknowledge the ALA as a partner or collaborator, use the form:

The Atlas of Living Australia is made possible by contributions from its partners. It is supported by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and is hosted by CSIRO.