Do I need to create an account?

Creating a VAL account will give you access to several features that you would not otherwise have access to, including:

  1. Download occurrence records and species checklists
  2. Use the Spatial Portal for in-depth analysis of species distributions
  3. Upload species checklists to the List tool
  4. View uploaded species lists, records you've annotated, and downloaded records.

You don't need a VAL account to record sightings - research-grade observations recorded in iNaturalist and eBird will flow into VAL.

Creating a VAL account:

From the homepage of the VAL (data explorer tab), select "Records," "Species", "Datasets," or simply click the search icon to enter the VAL Data Explorer: 

You can also visit the Vermont Atlas of Life Data Explorer page. Regardless of your point-of-entry entry choice, you will then click on the "More" dropdown at the upper right hand side of the page, and select "Sign up":

After selecting "Sign up," you will be taken to this page (see below). Simply fill out the information, click "done" and follow the account verification directions and you will have an account!

Material adapted from the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia by Atlas of Living Australia for the Vermont Atlas of Life.