‘Data mobilization’ is the process of establishing an automated mechanism for sharing data with the Vermont Atlas of Life. Due to the effort involved, it is appropriate for data sets that are frequently updated; and where currency in the VAL is important.

Data mobilization process overview

  • Identify data for sharing with the VAL
  • Select a license (Creative Commons Attribution, Attribution Non-Commercial or CC0)
  • Decide on attribution text for your data
  • Prepare data for mobilization
  • Map data to export schema
  • Develop export scripts
  • Validate data and export process
  • Export data

Please contact us or send us an email (vtatlasoflife@vtecostudies.org) if you would like to set up an automated data sharing process. 

Other mechanisms for sharing data with the VAL

In cases where data sets are not updated frequently, data providers share their data with the VAL by contacting us and arranging to provide a data set through other means; the VAL loads the dataset when received.

Material adapted from the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia by Atlas of Living Australia for the Vermont Atlas of Life.